Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whiny dogs

So here's the deal. In the morning, I like to sit on the bottom step near the kitchen so I can watch my stupid feral human mix up the wet food that I like for my breakfast. I have to watch over her to make sure she does it right, cuz she's an idiot human.

Dazzle seemed to get it in her head that my sitting on the step meant I wanted her to love on me. Damn idiot dog. I hissed at her a couple of times, and she'd make this infernal racket with her whining. "Oh, poor me, Chase won't let me love him." Pathetic.

And the stupid human FALLS for it. She's all, "Aww, poor Dazzle, is Chase not lovin' you? Poor puppy...."

So not only does the damn stupid greyhound whine, but her whining gets the damn stupid human whining. Dammit.

Listening to them two whine just ain't worth it. So I've been letting Dazzle give me a good-morning kiss in the morning, cuz it keeps HER happy and not whining, which keeps my idiot feral human from whining, too.

That's ALL there is to it. I don't love that damn dog. I just want her to shut up.

I dare anybody here to say otherwise. ::GLARE::


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