Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Buy a calendar, help keep these dogs away from me

Not-dear Idiot Humans readin' this,

Normally I wouldn't life a claw to help these stupid greyhounds (they still ain't grey), but my human pointed out that the more of 'em get helped out, the more of 'em will go to homes that are not THIS one.

Anything that keeps more of 'em from gettin' in here is good by me. Dazzle and Summer are enough of a discipline problem, don't need my Idiot Feral Human gettin' ideas and thinking about bringing in a third cuz boo-hoo, it ain't got no home of its own.

Colorado Greyhound Adoption is puttin' together it's annual calendar again, and this year's theme is "Greyhounds Through The Ages"--they got them in Ancient Egypt, the Middle East, Victorian England, and World War II, for starters.

If interested (and you damn well better be, I don't want no more of 'em in MY house),go to and select "calendars" and you'll see the cover shot.

So there. You got what you need. Now I gotta go and smack the dogs around. They're gettin' too soft lately.