Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How many time do I gotta tell her she didn't see anything?

Not-dear-Idiot Stupid Feral Human,

I was NOT cuddling with that damn stupid dog you call Dazzle. Cuddling indicates that I *love* her, which I don't. I was merely pressed up against her belly because it's COLD (which is a hint to you to turn up the heat in here, moron), and she was warm.

It's a question of my very important comfort and survival only. So quit carrying on with you, "Aww, are you snuggling with your puppy?" You sound like a complete and total ding-dong when you say that, you know.


P.S. I took the batteries out of your camera, so you will NEVER get photographic evidence of this. I'm not as dumb as some idiot feral humans I could mention

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