Friday, May 7, 2010

Understandable (not forgiveable) offenses

Not-dear Idiot Feral Human,

I was NOT snuggling with the dogs yesterday. The living room had prime sunbeam coming through the window and I wanted a piece of that action, even if it meant putting up with the Stupid Greyhounds (they still ain't gray, dummy) who didn't have the brains to know to leave the area when I wanted it. I only let them get away with it because sunbeams are potent things, and it's understandable that the power of a good sunbeam to lay in would override their natural fear of me. I am NOT 'lovin' on the puppies', as you so inanely put it. Inadvertent body touches don't count as lovin'--you might want to grow a brain and learn the difference. They committed an understandable offense. It don't mean I forgive 'em for it, and that they won't pay up for it later.