Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paintball Is A Traitor To Her Kind

Not-Dear Stupid Humans,

I have been training the Idiot Girl Kitten, Paintball, ever since she was 12 weeks old. Like all the other creatures in this house, she's obviously not as smart as me, but since she's a cat, I figured she had to have *something* going for her.

I've been finding out how wrong I am on *that* score. I trained her best as I could, considering her lack of intelligence and the Idiot Feral Human encouraging non-cat like behaviors, and well, lately I've been seeing the results.

Paintball has taken to hanging out with the Stupid Greyhounds (who still ain't grey and I can't believe the humans fall for that line.) She sniffs noses with them. She doesn't object when they lick her. She lets them *cuddle* her.

What. The. Hell.

The only saving grace here is that she at least realizes that as a cat, she should object to having their noses stuck in her butt. I don't care if that's how dogs greet each other, it's rude. And if that *is* how dogs greet each other, it just proves my point about their lack of intelligence, don't it?

Kittens. You do your best to raise 'em right and let 'em know what's what, and they still grow up and disappoint you.


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  1. Chase, it's good to see you haven't changed any!